SEO Onboarding Process

SEO Onboarding Process

Here is the process you can expect to go through when you decide to hire an SEO company.

1. Make an Enquiry

  • You may contact us to discuss your online marketing requirement over the phone or via email.  One of our SEO consultants will take care of all your queries and send you a proposal upon your request.

2. Signup for the Project

  • If you are happy with everything as given in the proposal, you may return the completed agreement page and make the payment as specified in the proposal.
  • After we receive the payment and the project agreement, we will send you a questionnaire to gather your SEO requirement at a granular level.

 3. Return the Completed SEO questionnaire

  • After you complete the questionnaire, you can re-attach and email it back to us. Once we receive the SEO questionnaire and other relevant information from you, we will forward them to the SEO account manager.

4.   Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

  • SEO account manager will run a full keyword and competitor analysis then send you a detailed report of the results. At this point you can discuss or approve the researched keywords to be optimised according to your business strengths.

5. Content Creation and On-Site/On-Page Optimisation

  • Creating content for your campaign can become one of the most challenging tasks. High-quality content is considered to be the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. Fortunately, ServePoint has a successful and experienced team of content writers who will take care of these difficult tasks for you.
  • On-site SEO is the process of optimising your web pages, content, website codes links, sitemaps etc on your actual website. Onsite optimisation allows search engine crawlers like the Google crawler to scan and mark your website for indexing. 75-95% of your on page optimisation is done at the start of any SEO campaign.

6. Monthly Link Building and Reporting

  • Inbound links are considered to be the backbone of any SEO campaign.  Building quality and well-respected links could become challenging as each clients’ requirement is different from industry to industry.  Fortunately, our expert SEO team has the practical know how to build carefully planned quality backlinks for any industry. You can sit back relax while our SEO specialists do the work on your behalf each month to climb the rankings on Google.
  • Also, our system will automatically send you progress reports at the end of each month. Reports will give you a clear and detailed overview of your ranking progress. The reports will also tell you which keywords are doing well on Google. Our valuable reporting may also help you to make decisions on streamlining your products and services.

The right way to launch an App

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts few days back, “How I build this” hosted by Guy Raz. In this particular program, Guy was interviewing the billionaire founder of Instagram. I was shocked learn that during the moment of truth he almost blew it. When the App began going viral, the servers carrying the load crashed and not revived for nearly 2 weeks. At the end of this story Instagram got lucky but very easily could not of. It would of been only months before someone else could do it right and Instagram would have been remembered less then the name of your 3rd grade crossing guard.

An owner of a large department store was once quoted as saying; “I simply built the biggest darn store I could, so that the shoppers never run out of space”. Although this was said nearly 100 years ago, it actually describes today high tech environment of high power apps and the like. Simply put, success can be your biggest source of failure if you do not provide the proper bandwidth.

The bandwidth story is not what I came to talk about, however. After all that would be so last year. In an age where large string of data are being transferred through social media apps, it is no longer an issue of bandwidth but rather latency. Latency is the time in which it takes data to get from point A to point B. No shopper will tolerate any site leaving him/her hanging for more then half a second at most. To meet these new demands Amazon Web Services has ruled out CloudFront. Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service that securely delivers data, videos, applications, and APIs to your viewers with low latency and high transfer speeds.

Now even a small startup which has not has as much as a click on their site can initiate these powerful server points and if a marketing campaign goes viral and hits, they will not only handle it but actually ace it.

Ask yourself this questions today. Why am I still on my old hosted VPS or even worse a local server network ? The answer that we always get is.. “We are scared to change”, “How will we be able to learn it?”. What they all fail to realize is that when AWS releases a service it is designed to make everything much much easier and cheaper then it was before. So if you are not doing it then your competition is. Hopefully you will share the amazing luck of Instagram but that took place nearly 10 years ago. If this same story happened today then in all probability Instagram will have been only a fading thought at most.

Nintendo Wii Video Games

Today, more and more people are now increasingly getting conscious about their health. This is why many of them go to the gym, while others job around the block to exercise. Some people are now becoming more active by participating in physically demanding sports, such as baseball, tennis, football, and soccer. However, have you ever thought of playing with video games as healthy? If not, then you are in for a great treat. If you love playing with video games but you also want to keep yourself fit, then you will definitely love the Nintendo Wii video game system.

Because Nintendo understands that importance of good health, they developed this revolutionary video game system as well as games that are synonymous to good health. In the past, video games were pictured as something that can lead to a sedentary and an unhealthy lifestyle. However, this is now changing thanks to Nintendo Wii. Video games can also promote good health and at the same time, you will be able to have a lot of fun doing so. By combining the fun and excitement that you will be able to experience playing with video games with exercising the actual muscles required to play the games, you will really break a sweat playing video games and not just exercise your thumbs and hands.

Just imagine yourself participating in the championships in a tennis game. As you wipe off that sweat in your forehead and get ready to serve, the audience goes silent to await your powerful serve. It’s already championship point and all you need is one good serve. As you swing your arms towards the ball, you scored an ace and you win the championships and the crowd goes wild. And, all these things happened right at the comforts of your own home.It may sound impossible but with the Nintendo Wii technology, this is possible as the controls are motion sensitive and it can mimic your moves that you can see it on screen. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to get the Wii, you can even play these games by buying a phone under 10000.

The same goes for bowling games. What this means is that if you are a bad bowler or a bad tennis player, you may need to practice a bit. But, this is ok as this is the whole point of Nintendo Wii. You will be able to improve your gaming skills by improving the way you move.

Buying a New Personal Computer

A new pc to buy you will not do still every day. But with the increase in the use of this multipurpose apparatus there nevertheless more often than formerly to a new computer buy it are thought. Certainly now the computer cheap become, in comparison with some years have been suffered, and there always, however, somewhere one in the offer are. Is the cheap computer from the offer a good choice or is it nevertheless more judiciously go for that something more expensive? Which computer buys?

Which computer must you buy are entirely dependent on where you will use the pc for. This answer has permanently rather heard you when you an expert asked, which pc buy now most judicious it is. And now you get the same answer, because nothing less where is.

Stronger still, at a new computer to buy does wonder you there also judicious to yourself: how frequently you use the computer and where the pc comes stand. When a pc gets a fleck in the living room it is malignant choose a computer which is quiet. And at a computer which little is used do the quality of mouse, keyboard and display device less than when you are daily a lot of hours with the pc. to the work. Computer components which do their most- Unless you will buy a pc at a dubious company or on a doubtful grant, can be taken by the bank to be stated that bad computers with undersized performances are no longer sold. Nowadays the performances of every buy have been offered pc largely sufficient solicit such as e-mail, at, download, music listens, what word processing and accountancy without acquiring problems.When you use the computer thus but from time to time, you that the pc what produces sound and not real high-speed works, are possible you do not disturb yourself to the average cheap computer a fine pc. have. Something else becomes a computer buys that is meant to bluster graphically impressive game or which will becomes used for your work, where you sit daily there a lot of hours behind. When you work a lot of hours behind the pc, you do judiciously to the time observe a keyboard, mouse and display device to zoeken true you comfortably work and it pleasantly on look at is. Generally the most pleasant workable computer components with the cheap offer from the publicity folder of these are not provided yielded.