SEO Onboarding Process

SEO Onboarding Process

Here is the process you can expect to go through when you decide to hire an SEO company.

1. Make an Enquiry

  • You may contact us to discuss your online marketing requirement over the phone or via email.  One of our SEO consultants will take care of all your queries and send you a proposal upon your request.

2. Signup for the Project

  • If you are happy with everything as given in the proposal, you may return the completed agreement page and make the payment as specified in the proposal.
  • After we receive the payment and the project agreement, we will send you a questionnaire to gather your SEO requirement at a granular level.

 3. Return the Completed SEO questionnaire

  • After you complete the questionnaire, you can re-attach and email it back to us. Once we receive the SEO questionnaire and other relevant information from you, we will forward them to the SEO account manager.

4.   Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

  • SEO account manager will run a full keyword and competitor analysis then send you a detailed report of the results. At this point you can discuss or approve the researched keywords to be optimised according to your business strengths.

5. Content Creation and On-Site/On-Page Optimisation

  • Creating content for your campaign can become one of the most challenging tasks. High-quality content is considered to be the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. Fortunately, ServePoint has a successful and experienced team of content writers who will take care of these difficult tasks for you.
  • On-site SEO is the process of optimising your web pages, content, website codes links, sitemaps etc on your actual website. Onsite optimisation allows search engine crawlers like the Google crawler to scan and mark your website for indexing. 75-95% of your on page optimisation is done at the start of any SEO campaign.

6. Monthly Link Building and Reporting

  • Inbound links are considered to be the backbone of any SEO campaign.  Building quality and well-respected links could become challenging as each clients’ requirement is different from industry to industry.  Fortunately, our expert SEO team has the practical know how to build carefully planned quality backlinks for any industry. You can sit back relax while our SEO specialists do the work on your behalf each month to climb the rankings on Google.
  • Also, our system will automatically send you progress reports at the end of each month. Reports will give you a clear and detailed overview of your ranking progress. The reports will also tell you which keywords are doing well on Google. Our valuable reporting may also help you to make decisions on streamlining your products and services.